Ottawa Valley Promotions offers a variety of services including branding, photography, cross-promotion, networking opportunities, event promotion and social media management for small businesses located in the Ottawa Valley.

We are passionate about discovering new opportunities for businesses and the brands they have created. We have a keen understanding of what it takes to create a brand and the difficulties that arise in sustaining brand presence. Therefore our goal is to provide clear and valuable results for the development of small businesses.

We have taken what began as a hobby and have turned it into Ottawa Valley Promotions, all while fueling our passion for creativity and design. We now find ourselves creating our own unique partnerships, working with some of our favourite brands, and above all else, a commitment to the growth and development of the brands that are authentic to the Ottawa Valley.

We are excited to use the networks and connections we have spent the last 4 years creating to deliver diverse and meaningful results and a strong return on investment.

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