When it came to our first Valley Inspired Vendor Show on September 9th, 2018 we felt like logistically, we had planned a great event! Right up until the day you all lined up on the basement stairs of the Best Western, we didn’t even know if anyone would come. There were many hours spent feeling like we might disappoint the vendors who had come to Pembroke in hopes of meeting new and returning customers face to face. We spent long days guessing on numbers and planning strategies. However, in true small town fashion, in a community full of #shoplocal supporters, 450+ strong, you came.


You showed up for swag bags and draws and raffles….ready to ask questions, meet new people and try out all of what each booth had to offer. Spending your hard earned money and time with these businesses, and we know that both OVP and those business owners were thankful for each and every person that came through those doors.


The outreach and feedback was so positive and meaningful, once the craziness of the day slowed down.. we looked at each other and knew we would do it again. The Christmas season called to us… The thought of hot chocolate, warm food, and Christmas shopping all inside our own little indoor market was too enticing to pass up.


On December 2nd, we are cultivating a Christmas market to behold. Going all out with our fantastic sponsors and making sure that this won’t be just a vendor show, but an event! A place to spend your afternoon, and get some shopping done. Not in a mall, or under the florescent lights of Walmart, but with YOUR community and local business owners whose time and effort is evident in every aspect of their booth. The time taken by Two Tarts and a Truffle to perfect their icing recipe, The Alexander Bros. Woodworking to sand and stain the pieces that will make a statement on your supper table, or Ottawa Valley Boutique who is run by a mom who takes time to create unique and wonderful hair bows while her twins nap, and just so so so many more. Its not just about gifting for us, its about showing our support by creating a space for you all to support them. Thats what this show and this upcoming season is all about.

We hope to see you all there!

Valley Inspired Holiday Market

Sunday December 2nd 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre