Valley Inspired was created to capture the feeling of pride, love, and connection that we all feel for these small towns and the lifestyle we live here. With the SHOP LOCAL movement countrywide, we wanted to contribute to that impact right here at home. We strive to do that by giving our members ease of access to beautiful, authentic Ottawa Valley brands and products. You now have access to flavors of the Valley all year round with our seasonally curated Subscription box.

Seasonal Subscription — 1 Year plan

Save 10% when you choose one convenient, annual payment and rest assured that your seasonal box will arrive quarterly. Boxes will be shipped July / October / January / April.  Total Cost $270 (tax included)

Quarterly Subscription — 3 month plan

Guarantee your Valley Inspired box every season with this convenient plan. Boxes will be shipped July / October / January / April. Billed on June 1st,  September 1st, December 1st, and March 1st. Recurring quarterly payments are set up to ensure your seasonal box will not sell out. $75 every 3 months (tax included)



Yearly subscription? Recurring quarterly payments? Choose the option that works best for you!


Your box will be thoughtfully curated with the best local Ottawa Valley products and brands.


Connect to your local community and support the shop local movement with the Ottawa Valley.


What the heck is Valley Inspired?!

Valley Inspired is a quarterly subscription box service featuring 5-8 artisanally inspired Ottawa Valley products, businesses, and brands. Our boxes are curated to reflect the seasons and will be shipped in the months of April (spring), July (summer), October (fall) and January (winter).

What if I already purchased the Fall Box (From the Semi-Annual Subscription)?

Yay! We are so excited that you were one of the first customers for our Valley Inspired Boxes. Send us a quick email to We will be sure to credit you the fall box, so you only pay for the other 3 seasonal boxes! We will make sure you get the 10% discount.

If I set up recurring quarterly payments, when will my credit card be charged?

Good question! Our billing cycle is on the 1st of the month, 1 month before your box ships. For example, our Fall Box is released on October 1st, so your card would be charged September 1st. If it’s your first time ever subscribing, your credit card will be charged on the day you subscribe, and then be charged the 1st of the month prior to box delivery from there on after.
Billing Dates will be March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1. (Or your first box will be charged on the day you subscribe)

Can I choose the products that will be included in my box?

Nope! And that’s the best part! We will be doing all the product research so you don’t have to! You get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the surprise when our beautifully curated Valley Inspired box shows up at your doorstep.

What if I don't like an item included in my box?

We understand that everyone has different tastes when it comes to product. We’re doing our best to ensure that all items included meeting a standard of high quality. Look at it this way, if an item doesn’t happen to meet YOUR taste, we’ve just cut out the work of you have to go find that perfect gift for your mom or BFF!

What kind of items will I find in my box?

We’ll be including everything from beauty and wellness to fashion accessories. From stationary to handcrafted jewelry. Household items to tasty treats. Trust us! We’re not sending you anything we haven’t thoroughly enjoyed and tested ourselves 🙂

Can I return my Valley Inspired box or any of the product included?

Unfortunately not. However, if items in your box are damaged upon arrival, please contact us right away!

Where do you ship?

Currently, just Canada wide. Please contact us if you’re from outside Canada and love what we’re offering. Maybe one day we’ll be sharing the love across borders! Shipping across Canada is $20/box.

What are my shipping options?

If you live in the Pembroke or surrounding area, you can save some cash by choosing the ‘Local Pick Up’ option at check out. Each seasonal box, we will be having a local shop pick up. Details will be sent to you a few weeks before the box is ready!
Otherwise, standard shipping is $20 on your Valley Inspired Box.

Can I cancel at anytime?

What? Are you leaving us? We are sad to see you go!!
If you are set up on a recurring quarterly payment plan and would like to cancel our service, you must unsubscribe before your payment has been processed. Payments are processed 1 month before deliveries have been sent out.
For example: If you would like to cancel your fall box (shipped October 1st) you need to unsubscribe before your payment is processed on September 1st.

I'm an artisan looking to be featured in the Valley Inspired box!

While not a question, it’s a statement we LOVE to hear! Please reach out to our contact page. Our passion is connecting with local creatives and we’d love to hear about your product!

Allergy Disclaimer

We all have different skin that could react differently to a new product. We recommend thoroughly reading the ingredients before using or consuming any of the items in the Valley Inspired box. It’s also recommended to carry out a ‘patch test’ when using new products, and/or reading the product label directions carefully. Ottawa Valley Promotions is not responsible for any reactions or allergies from any products included in the box.